Lounais-Suomen Työllistäjät ry (LT ry) started it's operation in 1994 under the name Raision Seudun Työttömät ry. It has been an important intermediate labor market organization and the starter of quality recycling...

Our set of values is based on equality, tolerance, and good work atmosphere, in which everyone's opinion and work input are equally valued.

We have 15 full-time employees in supervisory positions and we provide over 200 subsidized workplaces for the South-West Finland area annually.

We offer versatile jobs and rehabilitating work activities. Our workshop for the youth was started in Naantali in 2013. Our experienced staff offer help, guidance, and support.

Our Motto is 'Work is the Best Treatment for Unemployment'

Our member activity helps the alienated and those in the danger of alienation. The distribution of EU food support to the needy has been rewarding and brought a smile on the faces of many. Our soup kitchen has been "steaming" of free soup in a number of different events.

Youth guarantee, apprenticeship training and the development of social accounting are close to our hearts. The changes in today's legislation must be reacted with continuous development of the goal of consciousness...

We finance our operations by selling first class goods in the quality recyling store of EkoTila, with the versatile services of Raision Ekotori, by offering outsourced purchasing services of rehabilitating work activities, and SER demolition services.

We Concentrate on Quality Work.