LT ry has Been a Diverse Operator and Service Provider for 22 Years

The association is remarkable intermediate labor market organization and provider of quality recycling in the region. Our values consist of equality, tolerance and good work atmosphere, in which everyone’s opinion and work input are equally valuable. We have 8 full-time employees in supervisory positions and we provide over 260 subsidized workplaces annually for the South-West Finland area.

We provide diverse work activities. The activities we offer are wage subsidy work, work trials, rehabilitative work or internship. We customize the work-tasks for every individual employee based on their special needs and skills in collaboration with social and unemployment agencies.

Work. Build Self-confidence. Plan for the future. We’ll make a new future from the puzzle of life.

Knowledge and Learning

LT ry has 6 different departments in Raisio, Turku and Naantali. Each job offered is designed based on the individual’s own skills and interests, so that everyone is enabled to have work that is meaningful and interesting. Everybody is provided with briefing and guidance for their tasks. Each employee is working as an equal member of the working community while also having the responsibility of tasks assigned to the person.


Raision Ekotori is working for the Environment and Humanity.

Raision Ekotori has been operating as a responsible recycling centre for over 20 years. It is also the largest employer of our departments. Ekotori accepts leftover goods, equipment and hazardous household waste. Within Ekotori operates reception, sorting of goods and materials, IT, carpentry and upholstery shops and spare parts store. Ekotori also organizes transportation of materials.

Remember if you bring refrigeration equipment or old CRT televisions (big ones) we take 5 euros for delivery payment.

Recycling Centre

Raision Ekotori

Purokatu 10
21200 RAISIO
044 7005 300


Weekdays 9:00 - 17:00 
Sat. 9:00 - 14:00


EkoTila recycling store is the crown jewel of our recycling activities.

It is here where we sell the works of art and innovations of our workshops, our innovative upcycled and recycled products, which have been inspected and fixed by our professionals. The interior decoration of the store, keeping it fresh and tidy, as well as friendly and welcoming customer service provide jobs in this department.

Recycling Store EkoTila

Ihalantie 9
21200 RAISIO
044 7005 305


Weekdays 9:00 - 17:00
Sat. 9:00 - 16:00


Fixing of clothes on demand.

Fixing of clothes on demand, crafts, jewelry, hand bags, and other accessories for everyday life as well as special occasions. Those working in textile workshop get to experience variety of work tasks in the field and also provide their own ideas for new products.

Textile Workshop Tekstiilipaja

Recycling Store EkoTila
Ihalantie 9, Raisio
044 7005 324


Weekdays: 9:00 - 17:00
Sat. Closed


Pajanaantali designs upcycled products, jewelry, crafts and other new innovations.

In peaceful and clean premises operate hobby crafts, dismantling, IT, electricity, carpentry and bicycle repair workshops. In PajaNaantali we also do different kinds of assembling tasks as subcontractors.


Putkikatu 21 
21110 Naantali

044 7005 315

Products of Pajanaantali are sold in Recycling Store EkoTila


Mäntymäki Activity Centre is full of activities.

If an individual has experience or interest in kitchen work or janitorial duties (including upkeeping, renovation, yard work, and fixing skills), that person could find the suitable place in Mäntymäki Activity Centre.

Activity Centre Mäntymäki

Särkilahdenkatu 11

21200 Raisio
044 7005 320


Testing of computers and their peripherals, preparing them into operative and sales condition.

Visit Digiapaja store for affordable computers and their peripherals.

Digiapaja is moved to purokatu,raisio

044 7005 340

9.00-17.00 Sat. Closed